‘How-to’ videos help producers get started with breeding values

A range of short ‘how-to’ videos to help beef and sheepmeat producers get started using breeding values in their herds or flocks is part of the suite of genetics resources being rolled out by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

The animated tutorials have been produced for temperate cattle, tropical cattle, Merino and prime lambs and are now available on MLA’s new online genetics hub, genetics.mla.com.au.

The videos are part of a broader suite of resources which provide clear, jargon-free resources to help commercial producers understand the benefits of breeding values as a tool to accelerate on-farm productivity.

The videos take a step-by-step approach to explaining what breeding values are, how to set a breeding objective, what indexes are, and how to find sires on BREEDPLAN or Sheep Genetics. They’ve been designed to allow producers get a handle on the basics of breeding values before putting this new-found knowledge into practice at an upcoming bull or ram sale.

MLA launched the genetics hub in June, providing a one-stop-shop of tools and resources aimed at demystifying genetics and breeding values.

For more information, visit MLA’s genetics hub.