Implementing a farm safety system

Farm safety is an important component of any beef business. Sadly, farm fatalities are all too common.

In this short video Brigid Price, from the Arcadia Valley, north of Injune in Queensland discusses the importance of implementing farm safety and outlines some of the items you need to consider when creating your own farm safety system.

For more information and resources, read the Serious about farm safety guide or watch the Serious about grazier safety webinar series on the Worksafe Queensland website.

You can also complete the Grazing Best Management Practices people and business module.

If your property is located in Queensland, you can find the contact details of your nearest FutureBeef officer over on the FutureBeef website. Otherwise you can contact the DAF Customer Call Centre on 13 25 23 (within Queensland) or 07 3404 6999.