In the June edition of the FutureBeef eBulletin…

The June edition of the FutureBeef eBulletin features:

  • blood testing and land type mapping lead to cost-effective supplementation
  • a health alert for pulpy kidney and plant poisoning in animals grazing pastures that received rain in April
  • improved GLM land type mapping
  • a frosty winter post-sowing followed by a dry, hot summer proves to be an ideal persistence testing environment for tropical legumes on the Darling Downs
  • Twilight forums in northern WA to assist beef producers to prepare for a dry wet season
  • Pasture Growth Alert—a new report in the FORAGE suite
  • a wrap up of the key messages from the Annual Australian Wagyu Conference
  • the latest tool for parkinsonia control
  • upcoming event promotion, and of course, the latest industry news snippets.

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