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16 years of grazing research at the Wambiana grazing trial

As presented at the Northern Beef Research Update Conference 2013, Peter O’Reagain (Principal Scientist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) discusses 16 years of grazing research at the Wambiana grazing trial. Peter’s discussion includes the implementation of different stocking rates, cattle production, seasonal challenges, economic challenges and their impacts on overall productivity and profitability. 26:49 minutes published 31 March 2014 by FutureBeefAu.

Burn your bush before it bites back – lessons from Kidman Springs fire trial 1993-2013

In this presentation, Dr Robyn Cowley (Senior Scientist, NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries) focuses on providing producers with a practical approach to answering the question of… When is it best to use fire as a management tool?

How hot and how often? Robyn explains getting the fire frequency and timing right for optimal management of woody cover and pasture composition in northern Australian grazed tropical savannas from the results of the Kidman Springs fire experiment 1993-2013. Download the webinar presentation slides (PDF 4.19 MB). 53:55 minutes published 29 October 2014 by FutureBeefAu.

Climate Savvy Grazing – Grazing management in the Fitzroy Woodlands

In late June 2012, graziers converged on Monteagle Station in the Fitzroy Woodlands to see the results of spelling trials and learn about the science and best practice for managing stocking rates and burning pasture. Paul Jones organised the field days two years into the spelling trials. 14:20 minutes published 4 February 2013 by DesertChannels.

Climate Savvy Grazing – Variable and changing climate

As rain fell on the Great Dividing Range in Alpha, late June 2012, and the Carbon Tax loomed on the horizon, graziers settled in to hear the latest on climate science impacts on their business. The day was one of five field days organised by senior scientist Paul Jones from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. 10:59 minutes published 4 February 2013 by DesertChannels.

Fire – master or servant? Your call!

‘Fire – master or servant? Your call!’ is a webinar with Col Paton, Ecorich Grazing. Hear about how long has fire been part of the ecosystem; the roles that can fire play in managing grazing lands; fire and soil organic matter; how we can use fire without damaging grazing lands, and planning firebreaks so you can have controlled fires when you want. 56:41 minutes published 19 February 2012 by FutureBeefAu.

Forage budgeting: Introduction

First in a four part video training series on how to develop a forage budget. 3:00 minutes published 5 May 2013 by DesertChannels.

Forage budgeting: Feed supply

Second in a four part video training series on how to develop a forage budget. 13:59 minutes published 5 May 2013 by DesertChannels.

Forage budgeting: Feed demand

Third in a four part video training series on how to develop a forage budget. 15:16 minutes published 5 May 2013 by DesertChannels.

Forage budgeting: Bringing it all together

Final video in a four part training series on how to develop a forage budget. 11:16 minutes published 5 May 2013 by DesertChannels.

Grazing BMP – perception, conception and use

In this presentation, Matt Brown (FutureBeef Extension Officer, Rockhampton) guides you through Grazing BMP – a voluntary benchmarking tool for producers and industry. Matt covers a number of topics including, how it came to be, the modules within the program and demonstrates how the data is collected and used. 57:49 minutes published 12 December 2012 by FutureBeefAu.

Grazing systems – fact and fiction

In this FutureBeef webinar, Trevor Hall talks about the effects of rotational and cell grazing systems on the condition and productivity of pastures in northern Australia. The presentation draws on a recently completed evaluation of contrasting grazing systems (continuous, rotational, cell) on each of nine Queensland properties, located from Condamine in the south to Richmond in the north. Read more about grazing land management in northern Australia. 54:18 minutes published 1 December 2011 by FutureBeefAu.

Managing Mitchell grass on Goodwood

Hear how Rick and Anne Britton have developed a wet season spelling strategy to suit their beef breeding enterprise within the Boulia Shire. 7:38 minutes published 11 September 2012 by DesertChannels.

Managing Mitchell grass – the Wongan experience

This clip demonstrates increasing productivity through improving the quality and quantity of native pastures. 11:15 minutes published 5 June 2012 by DesertChannels.

Mitchell grass paddock walk

This video shows a series of paddock walk field days about wet season spelling in western Queensland. 4:06 minutes published 10 September 2011 by DesertChannels.

Pasture flood recovery

In this presentation, Stuart Buck (Senior Pasture Agronomist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries), explains the key points in pasture recovery from a flood event. Stuart covers the tolerances of grasses, various management options including pasture spelling, controlling weeds, re-seeding pasture and forage crop options and concludes with his key ‘take home’ messages. 16:16 minutes published 3 March 2013 by FutureBeefAu.

Wet season spelling – a grease and oil change for your grass!

Just like a Toyota or a road train, pastures need some regular repair and maintenance to keep them running at their best. Increasingly, northern beef producers are asking for information and advice on wet season spelling. This webinar will cover some of the most common questions including:

  • Does wet season spelling work?
  • How often should I spell, and for how long?
  • Will I see results straight away?
  • What are the benefits to my bottom line?
  • Are there any pitfalls to watch out for?

Join our presenters Dionne Walsh and Ross Peatling as they discuss these topics in this webinar recording. For your convenience, here are the webinar presentation slides (PDF 2 MB). 44:35 minutes published 13 December 2012 by FutureBeefAu.