Net trapping for feral pigs

Fighting feral pigs on your property needs a tailored approach and some farmers are getting great results with the latest net trap.

Recently a landholder near Mudgee undertook free feeding with clean grain to attract and train the feral pigs on his property before setting the net trap.

After the first night of setting, 75 pigs were trapped with more pigs trying to get in. The pigs were then humanely destroyed and the trap was reset.

Trapping is a successful way to catch large numbers of feral pigs, and options range from the most common panel trap to large silo traps and now the new net style trap.

Free feeding for at least 7 days and up to 21 days, is recommended for the best results.

Trapping is just one method as part of an integrated program to control feral pigs – others include baiting and aerial and ground shooting.

For more about controlling feral pigs and an informative video series visit the Local Land Services website:

Source: Local Land Services Western NSW regional update April 2024 edition