New and improved! Stocktake GLM for graziers

Stocktake GLM is an updated smart device application that assists beef and sheep producers with their grazing land management.

Based on the popular Stocktake workshop, the app provides graziers, consultants and other land managers with a simple tool to monitor land condition and undertake forage budgeting on their property.

Available in the AppStore or via Google Play Stocktake GLM is free to download and use with no subscription fees. The app works in remote areas without the need of mobile reception, backing up securely once a connection is restored. Data may also be easily synced to another device should anything happen to yours.

Setting up a property is simple as it contains the latest spatial mapping where users can quickly locate and pin their grazing property. Using updated pasture growth modelling data, land type mapping and adult equivalent data, the app can calculate long term carrying capacity using grazier on-ground monitoring inputs. Stocktake GLM also guides you through a basic or detailed forage budget to determine short-term stocking rates by balancing pasture supply with stock demand.

Capable of storing rainfall records and cattle numbers, Stocktake GLM produces a variety of reports that can be exported as a PDF, or alternatively a CSV, for those wishing to import their data into spreadsheet format. During land condition assessment GPS coordinates are collected along with photos and site information to be revisited when monitored in future, allowing for easy land condition change assessment over time.

Stocktake workshops are run on demand across Queensland. If you are interested in holding one in your local area, contact your local beef extension officer. Likewise, if you require assistance with downloading and setting up your property.  Alternatively, learn more about Stocktake GLM on our website