New Johne's disease approach in Queensland

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Leanne Donaldson today announced a new approach to Johne’s disease management in Queensland.

“As of 1 July 2016, the Queensland Government will no longer regulate livestock entry into Queensland or quarantine properties infected with Johne’s disease,” the Minister said.

“The change is in step with the national review of Johne’s disease management and aligns Queensland with the approach in other states and territories.

“It also responds to continued calls from Queensland producers for more flexibility.

“We are adopting a market-driven, industry-managed and risk-based approach, giving power to producers to make on-farm biosecurity decisions.”

Minister Donaldson said the Palaszczuk Government was committed to grow Queensland’s prosperous livestock industries.

“To do that we need to adapt to changing market conditions.

“It is a sensible, prudent change to help our producers and has broad industry support because it will provide greater flexibility for producers looking to expand their businesses.

“Queensland will continue to maintain a low prevalence of Johne’s disease through this new risk-based approach.”

Queensland’s Chief Veterinary Officer Allison Crook said most producers will not have to change the way they manage Johne’s disease and operate their business.

“Johne’s disease will remain a notifiable disease and producers must contact Biosecurity Queensland if they suspect Johne’s disease on their property,” said Dr Crook.

“As Johne’s disease is mostly spread through the movement of livestock, producers will need to ensure they are fully aware of the health status of the animals they purchase.

“High risk animals from southern states where Johne’s disease is more common should only be purchased with a comprehensive written health statement detailing the animal’s health.

“Guidelines for safely purchasing livestock and making Johne’s disease risk-based decisions are available at

“A surveillance program will be run by Biosecurity Queensland to monitor compliance with the new framework and the steps producers are taking to meet their general biosecurity obligation relating to Johne’s disease.”

Minister Donaldson said the government would continue to work with and support industry in adjusting to the new Johne’s disease framework.

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