New look Dalby saleyards officially opened

A major re-development of one of Australia’s leading saleyards was officially opened by Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Bill Byrne last week.

The Minister visited the Dalby Regional Saleyards – the largest one-day selling centre for livestock in the country – which has been revitalised by the upgrade

The Queensland Government contributed $4.56 million towards the project.

More than 200,000 head of cattle are sold each year at the Dalby Regional Saleyards making it a vital part of Queensland’s $5.4 billion beef industry.

The Minister explained that the saleyards makes a significant contribution to the local economy and provides employment here in Dalby and across the wider Western Downs region.

During the two-year two-phase redevelopment 87 staff worked on-site and 64 off-site. Operationally the facility has 75 permanent staff including those who work in cattle delivery, drafting and National Livestock Identification System scanning.

The redevelopment has been considerable and will ensure Dalby continues to make a significant contribution long into the future.

Modern saleyards on this scale will meet industry requirements and will remain an important part of the beef supply chain for decades to come. The re-development improves cattle handling and animal welfare as well as delivering improved site safety for livestock buyers and selling agents.

Minister Byrne said the upgrades included new drafting facilities with better lighting, new loading/unloading ramps, new sale pens, new roofing, and an effluent collection pond.

Queensland produces a world-class, high-quality product for world markets and investments like this are vital to support the industry.

In 2013/14, Queensland exported 58 per cent of Australia’s beef exports. Australia is the world’s third largest exporter of beef behind Brazil and India, and if Queensland exports were considered alone, Queensland would be the world’s fourth largest exporter.

“I congratulate the Dalby Regional Saleyards on their new facility.”

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