New version of herd budgeting software available

A new version of the Breedcow and Dynama software package is now available from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) website. Version 6.02 has improved software and maintains the same functionality as previous versions. Breedcow and Dynama is designed to plan, evaluate and improve the profitability and financial management of extensive beef cattle enterprises.

The new user manual has additional examples and explanations of the processes applied in the models. “Improving the performance of beef enterprises in northern Australia” combines Breedcowplus, Dynamaplus and Investan to undertake scenario analyses for three regions of the northern beef industry. This new document shows how you can analyse and compare scenarios using Breedcow and Dynama.

The herd models (and associated beef enterprises) incorporate research and trial data where possible and represent local production systems relevant to the scenarios being evaluated.

Download Version 6.02 and more information from the DAF website