New videos coming to FutureBeef

FutureBeef will soon launch online 15 new ‘how-to’ videos on a variety of topics for the ‘anything but average’ beef producer. With topics ranging from foetal ageing and vaccination through to using fire and wet season spelling, these videos include something for every beef producer.

With filming across three states (Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia) these videos feature prominent beef producers, veterinarians, beef advisors and scientists from across northern Australia. These short videos cover the practical implementation of specific management options across a number of locations and country types on commercial scale properties.

Topics featured include:

  1. Foetal ageing for targeted breeder management
  2. Pregnancy testing for future management
  3. Establishing stylo in northern forest country
  4. How to make an informed decision in changing conditions
  5. How to age cattle by their teeth
  6. Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  7. Transporting cattle safely
  8. Wet season spelling
  9. Land condition assessment
  10. Weaner management
  11. Vaccination best practice for healthy herds
  12. Phosphorus supplementation
  13. Recognising signs of overgrazing
  14. Using fire as a management tool in grazing lands
  15. Setting and using decision dates in grazing land management.

Joe Rolfe, Senior Principal Beef Extension Officer with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, stars alongside Kevin ‘Hooter’ Young at ‘Dels Hole’ in Georgetown and Darcy O’Brien from ‘The Brook’ north of Charters Towers to provide insights on successful stylo establishment in forest country.  Joe emphasises “many producers are time-poor and these videos are an easy way to see and hear about some handy management options.” As Joe states: “There’s nothing better than hearing practical tips from producers and seeing how different practices can improve a beef operation.”

Kate Brown, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) beef extension officer, who was leading the video production for FutureBeef said ‘We had a few extra challenges thrown our way with COVID19 and traveling interstate but I am very pleased to say we managed to get to most places as planned. It has been extremely rewarding working with such a variety of great contributors’.

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