Remote management systems: Projects



Detection of maternal behaviours associated with suckling in beef cattle The ‘uSuckled’ project is investigating the ability to remotely monitor suckling events using devices (such as accelerometers, sound…

The ‘Calf 48 hour’ project is evaluating and enhancing technologies to detect parturition events in cattle in order to improve diagnosis of causes of calf loss in extensive…

Capturing the advantages of real time information on decision making capabilities on privately owned beef enterprises.

The goal of the project is to test, validate and recommend a set of land condition products (LCPs) to help evaluate the impact of management practice, and practice…

The ‘On-property benefits of precision livestock management (PLM) technologies and applications’ project involved researchers and commercial beef producers working together to identify how PLM technologies could be applied at the paddock-level to produce significant benefits.

The ‘On-farm demonstration of the installation and use of remote monitoring of stock water’ producer demonstration site project investigated using telemetry in a large scale commercial setting.

The Digital Homestead project involved collecting real-time property data on livestock, pasture and the environment by remote technologies (such as walk-over-weighing scales, satellite images, GPS collars and weather…

The ‘Commercialisation plan: 3D imaging for instant cattle measurements’ project was a study to determine market opportunities within key industry segments as well as gauge likely commercialisation pathways for the development of the 3D tool.

The ‘walk over weigh’ or ‘WOW’ project demonstrates using walk over weighing and remote camera monitoring on a Richmond property in North Queensland.

The ‘Precision pastoral management tools (PPMT)’ project aims to develop a commercial Precision Pastoral Management System (PPMS) that will integrate remotely collected, precision data on cattle and pasture management, using minimal labour inputs.