The WA Producer Innovation Fast Track grants have been extended!

PSA: The WA Producer Innovation Fast Track grants have been extended until 15 February 2023!

How much and what for?

The PIFT grants match up to $20,000 for northern WA cattle producers who are interested in adopting technologies to boost their business performance, resilience and sustainability. Funding can be used for adoption of new R&D, technologies and innovation that support improving:

  • Business performance and benchmarking
  • Sustainable rangeland management practices
  • Livestock herd performance
  • Labour performance or efficiency.

Who can apply?

Funding is restricted to applicants from the Kimberley and Pilbara regions with a beef production enterprise operating with a minimum of 500 adult equivalent cattle and those who seek to adopt proven, regionally relevant R&D, technologies and innovation. For more information and to apply for a Producer Innovation Fast Track grant, visit

How to apply?

Applications close on 15 February 2023 via SmartyGrants.