WANTED: Beef producers to direct research in northern Australia

Do you wish to have more say over the direction of beef research, development and adoption carried out in northern Australia?

Here is your chance!

The North Australia Beef Research Council Inc. (NABRC) is in need of three new Chairs for the Central Queensland, North Queensland and South Queensland Regional Beef Research Committees (RBRC) and more producer members across the state, following the retirement of longstanding members Michael Lyons and Swin Hudson and the interstate transfer of Geoff Birchnell.

NABRC Chair, John Taylor said ‘Our regional committees and producer members are at the heart of NABRC and are a valued and important link between the north Australian “grass roots”, the researchers and the funding bodies. People usually join an RBRC to influence, champion, and learn about research, development and adoption that could provide solutions to current and emerging issues facing the beef industry.’

‘Chairs have an influential consultation and leadership role between the grassroots beef producers, NABRC, and member organisations, especially Meat & Livestock Australia and other research investors’, continued Mr Taylor.  ‘Chairs need to have broad understanding of local and regional production systems, current and emerging issues and consultation processes.’

‘RBRC members have less responsibility but are are equally valuable as to identifying current and emerging problems, information needs, and/or opportunities that may be addressed by future research, development and adoption. It is best if RBRC members are actively engaged in the region so they can communicate outputs and provide feedback on the adoption of research and new technologies. Adoption is a key industry focus and RBRC members provide input to/feedback on research proposals to increase local relevance and identify limitations to practical and commercially viable solutions.’ said Mr Taylor.

Outgoing Chair of the North Queensland RBRC, Michael Lyons, had this to say about his time as Chair:

‘…  Greg Brown and Roger Landsberg are both previous Chairs of NQBRC and I am sure they would agree that the role is a stimulating one.  I have certainly enjoyed meeting and learning from researchers, Chairs from other regions and producers from across northern Australia during my tenure.  “Steel sharpens steel and people sharpen people” so being involved with these progressive people and helping direct beef research, development and adoption in northern Australia, has a flow on effect to your own personal growth, innovation and business improvement.  I can’t recommend the role highly enough and will have mixed emotions as my time comes to an end.’

To download a detailed information pack, click here, or email secretariat@nabrc.com.au

NABRC is an independent association established in 1992 to provide recommendations on Research, Development & Adoption priorities and planning for grass-fed beef producers throughout northern Australia.

All applicants must be beef producers and reside in the specified regions. Sitting fees are paid to attend meetings plus travel/accommodation/meals are reimbursed.

Applications close noon, Monday 12 July 2021.