Apps (short for applications – small, specialised programs specifically for use on mobile devices) are increasing in popularity as ownership of smartphones and tablets becomes more commonplace.

There are now a wide range of agriculture-related apps available, from reference material and ID manuals to record keeping and farm calculators. The South Australian Ag Excellence Alliance Inc has produced an extensive list (March 2012) available from their website. They include a short description, price, size, compatibility (iPhone, iPad, Android) and whether an internet connection is required while the app is running. NSW DPI also has a list of Agriculture-related apps.

App examples

  • Queensland Government’s own Stocktake GLM is available for iOS and Android. Based on the popular Stocktake program, it features a user-friendly recording system, and updated calculations for the northern beef industry. Free to download and use, it works without an internet connection after initial registration. More information is on the Stocktake GLM website.
  • The INSolutions mobile App, developed by the Agricultural Business Research Institute in Armidale, builds on the features of the successful Internet Solutions web-based service. Many beef cattle breed societies in Australia currently provide a range of web-based services to beef producers based on ABRI’s Internet Solutions software, including provision of a complete online electronic herdbook for each breed that enables users to access a range of animal, EBV and member information from the internet, as well as online sale and semen catalogues. This App is particularly designed to improve the ability of beef producers to view information more easily regarding individual animals when at a sale, show, agricultural event or simply in the paddock. Compatible with most iPhone and Android mobile devices, it costs $1.99.
  • The iHerd livestock and herd management application claims to simplify the herding, and treatment process for stockmen around the world. More information available at
  • MLA’s Beef Essentials app helps customers choose the right cut of beef for their barbecue, roast, stir-fry or casserole with in-built cooking timers with reminders at key times. Read more at the MLA website…
  • The Ask the butcher iOS app compliments the TV show of the same name, and touts itself as ‘The ultimate meat companion. Featuring all the tips and tools you need to cook meat like the pros, it’s just like having a butcher in your pocket!‘. For more information, visit the Ask the Butcher website.
  • The APVMA iphone app provides information about agricultural and veterinary chemicals registered in Australia. The searchable database includes suspended, cancelled, stopped or archived products. An android version is also planned. For more information, see their media release, or visit iTunes.
  • CSIRO’s SoilMapp for iPad is available from iTunes. SoilMapp is designed to make soil information more accessible and taps into the best available soil information from Australia’s national soil databases. For more information, visit the CSIRO website.
  • The CliMate app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) allows farmers to assess of the current season against past seasons, check forecasts for the rest of the season, and get guidance on matters like soil moisture levels. For more information, see the Queensland country life media release. A Web version is planned for release early in 2013 at
  • The Cowculator iOS app by Greg Davey aims to help people in the Livestock industry gain an accurate comparison between live weight and dressed weight price per kg. It uses default yields based on breed, sex and feed categories.

As apps are being created and updated regularly, please let us know if you come across a recent interesting or useful one and we’ll include it on this page.