Breedcow and Dynama

The Breedcow and Dynama herd management program has been updated and is now available online.

First developed in 1988 by Bill Holmes, formerly a Principal Agricultural Economist with the now Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), the program was designed for graziers and advisors. There have been six major updates to this herd budgeting tool since it was developed.

The Breedcow and Dynama package is used to assess choices for the management of beef cattle herds run under extensive conditions. It presents budgeting processes, adapted to the special needs of extensive beef producers.

Breedcow and Dynama can be used for four key herd budgeting processes:

  1. Comparing the likely profitability of the herd under different management or turnoff systems — Breedcowplus
  2. Making forward projections of stock numbers, sales, cash flow, net profit, debt and net worth — Dynamaplus
  3. Deciding what to sell when the plan goes sour or what to buy when there is an opportunity — Bullocks and Cowtrade
  4. Evaluating investments in herd or property improvement to determine the rate of return on extra capital, the number of years to break-even and the peak debt — Investan.

Improved usability, information sharing and help guides are included and the online tool improves the ability to be helped remotely by agricultural economists based in regional Queensland.

Online training courses and workshops are planned towards the end of 2020 and anyone interested should call 13 25 23.

For further information contact your local beef extension officer or visit