We’ve put together some practical information to help you manage your way through dry seasons.

The Queensland drought situation report and map and seasonal outlooks can be found on The Long Paddock website.

On this page:

Queensland Government drought services

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) helps primary producers manage their business by offering a range of services including financial assistance, livestock nutrition and animal welfare information and business management strategies.

Drought Assistance

The Queensland Government’s Drought Relief Assistance Scheme (DRAS) is being phased out and has been replaced by the Drought Assistance Program.

Under this program, primary producers across all agriculture industries can apply for grants and loans without needing a drought declaration.

This assistance focuses on preparedness and business planning to manage the ever-present risk of drought in Queensland.

Other services

There are government, social and community based services that provide assistance for families suffering from the emotional and physical fallout of drought. You can contact the DAF Customer Call Centre 13 25 23 for referral to your local support services.


Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and FutureBeef have resources to help you to manage drought and tough times.

You will find information on feeding and managing livestock during drought, beef cattle nutrition including supplementation and crisis feeding.

You can click on the image to download a copy of ‘Dry season management of a beef business‘.

Useful contact information during drought

To lodge an Individually Droughted Property (IDP) application, contact your regional Climate Risk Coordinator.




Charters Towers

DAF Customer Call Centre

T: 13 25 23 (cost of a local call within Queensland) or 07 3404 6999 F: 07 3404 6900 E: callweb@daf.qld.gov.au

Australian Government services

The Australian Government Future Drought Fund helps primary producers focus on risk management and preparedness. The Farm Household Allowance is available to support farming families in hardship. Farm families and businesses in drought-affected areas have access to a range of assistance measures.

Bureau of Meteorology climate and water outlooks

The climate and water outlook video covers rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the next three months. For more detailed climate summaries, visit the BOM website.

Educational videos and webinars

The FutureBeefAu YouTube channel has informative webinars and videos on topics such as:
pasture dieback
• introducing ‘Paddock Power’ a new planning tool for planning paddock development
soil carbon sequestration
new drought assistance programs
understanding methane supplements
using decision dates in grazing management
pathways towards carbon neutral grazing systems

There is also a producer case study – getting ahead in drought through early weaning and planning.