Enabling change and innovation webinars

The Enabling change and innovation webinar series commenced in 2012 when we wanted to build the capabilities of our team of about 30 FutureBeef staff across Queensland, so they would be aware of new approaches and concepts around enabling change and innovation.

However we realised that it would be difficult to attract high calibre presenters with this small audience, so we opened it to a wider audience, thinking we might attract a few hundred across Australia. To our surprise we attracted over 2000 people almost 40 different countries (though mainly Australia, New Zealand and Canada).

A total of 22 topics were presented and we were privileged to hear from presenters across Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. The topics ranged from new approaches for enabling change (such as Community-Based Social Marketing and the Agricultural Innovation System approach) to monitoring and evaluation. While many attended live so as to be able to ask their questions live, others were happy to watch the recordings later. One recording has been viewed over 25,000 times (The seven secrets of good monitoring and evaluation with Jess Dart).

The webinar series concluded in 2016 and was replaced by the FutureBeef Fusion webinar series.

The topics are listed below and you can still see all the webinar recordings over on YouTube.

Webinar title Date Presenter/s
1. Predicting and improving adoption of agricultural innovations 16 May 2012 Rick Llewellyn
2. The science of innovation: evidence based methods to drive creative thinking 4 July 2012 Amantha Imber
3. Designing effective surveys in three easy steps 14 August 2012 Jeff Coutts
4. Using online tools to engage the public 18 September 2012 Matt Leighninger
5. Who gives a twit about Twitter? 30 October 2012 Cynthia Mahoney
6. The seven secrets of good monitoring and evaluation 19 March 2013 Jess Dart
7. Facilitation tips and tricks for newbies 21 May 2013 Viv McWaters
8. Designing projects for practice change and measuring impact 9 July 2013 Kate Sargeant
9. Using an innovation systems approach to achieve remarkable change 19 September 2013 Laurens Klerkx
10. Using LinkedIn to your advantage 23 October 2013 Ian Kininmonth, Gerard Byrne, Lisa Morell
11. Using community-based social marketing to enable behaviour change 29 October 2013 Doug McKenzie-Mohr
12. Using webinars to enable change 6 November 2013 John James
13. AACREA…. a highly effective Argentine approach to enabling change 28 November 2013 Richard Wakelin, Ian Plowman
14. Navigating the app development minefield 19 March 2014 Tom McCue
15. Using Google’s free products to enable change 4 June 2014 Pru Cook
16. Managing an effective change project 6 August 2014 Peter Hanrahan
17. The psychology of denial and our responses to climate change 6 November 2014 Zoe Leviston
18. Seven secrets for successfully marketing your next event 25 February 2015 Andrew Huffer
19. The neuroscience of change 29 July 2015 Fiona Kerr
20. Using the Diffusion of innovations theory to improve change 18 August 2015 Les Robinson
21. Confessions of a MOOC developer and presenter 13 October 2015 David Pannell
22. Using mind maps to reduce stress and unleash creativity 19 November 2015 Jennifer Goddard