Foetal ageing for targeted breeder management

Foetal ageing, combined with breeder segregation, has allowed beef producer, Micahel Flynn, to refine his breeder management. By drafting breeders into their expected month of calving, their nutritional requirements can be addressed more easily. In addition, should the wet season fail, weaning can be conducted earlier. This preserves breeder body condition, making it more likely she will fall pregnant the following year.

Hear from Michael as he explains the benefits of foetal ageing and what is required on your property to do it successfully.


“If I had to name one benefit from foetal ageing that really stands out in our environment out here, it’s the ability to do targeted early weaning when the wet season fails. It’s a lot more effective to feed a cow and a calf separately, than a cow raising a calf. It increases the chance of that cow getting back in-calf, greatly increases the chances of her staying alive, it saves money, and is more effective in the outcome.”

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