Not just watching the grass grow: graziers who monitor their land

How many times have you heard (or told) tales like these? These kinds of memories are part of the considerable body of knowledge that you will have built up about your property over many years. It is important information, and it helps to guide how you manage your country. It’s just too bad that those memories aren’t perfect. This booklet is about getting those memories right – by monitoring. Monitoring is just observing and recording the state of land condition over time. As a property manager, you observe every day – weather, water points, stock, available feed, and a lot more. You observe, and then you make your decisions.

This booklet will help you how to make better decisions about your biggest asset – your land – by getting your monitoring right. So why should you go the extra step and record what you see? In this book, you’ll get the answer from the horse’s mouth. These are the stories of your peers – managers of working properties who made the choice to monitor their land so that they get the most from their work. Authors: Jenny Silcock and Terry Beutel, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, 2008.

Download a copy of Not just watching the grass grow: graziers who monitor their land (PDF, 901 KB).