Weedy Sporobolus grasses: best practice manual

This publication has been compiled to offer best practice management options to land managers dealing with weedy Sporobolus grasses to optimise control strategy success and return on investment. Weedy Sporobolus grasses include giant rat’s tail grass (GRT) and giant Parramatta grass. This manual takes a strategic approach to weed management. A variety of common weed ‘situations’ are examined, and a ‘best bet’ strategy presented for each. These ‘best bet’ strategies are based on the latest research, and focus on achieving effective weed control in a cost-efficient way.

This revised edition was updated by Steven Bray (Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries) and David Officer (New South Wales Department of Primary Industries), Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland, 2007.

Download a copy of the Weedy Sporobolus grasses: best practice manual (PDF, 1 MB).