See you at Westech!

If you are coming along to the Westech Field Days in Barcaldine next week, be sure to swing by the combined AgForce and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) displays.

At 10.30 am on both Tuesday, 7 September and Wednesday, 8 September, Beef Extension officer Leanne Hardwick will be presenting an update on the E-Beef project, including how remote technologies are improving on-farm efficiencies.

“The E-Beef project has two local producer groups, based near Muttaburra and Isisford,” said Leanne. “Throughout the project, the groups have been using the Walk Over Weigh unit along with NDVI pasture data, NIRS faecal sampling and on-ground pasture monitoring that assist with ground truthing livestock weight gains and drops. They have also recently been investigating the use of other technologies such as water monitors and remote rain gauges. In my presentation at Westech, I’ll be sharing some of the findings and experiences of the groups and will demonstrate how other producers in the region may also benefit from using these technologies.”

Extension Officer, Jane Tincknell, will be discussing how to assess pasture recovery potential at 3 pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday. “Unfortunately, the drought has had a devastating impact on many of our preferred native pasture species,” Jane said. “Our native pastures have evolved to survive prolonged dry conditions; this drought will end and when it does our pastures are going to need some time to recover to allow tussocks to replenish energy reserves, set seed, and for any seed that germinates, to get as close to maturity as possible. At Westech, I’ll be presenting the results from the recent shade house trial conducted at Longreach DAF, along with options for pasture recovery, and how we, in the local offices, can assist producers with their recovery plans.”

Other presentations at the combined AgForce and DAF sites include diversification experiences provided by  producers  with Merino sheep, meat  sheep and goats enterprises.

Be sure to drop in and say hi!