Alison Kain

Pastoral Production Officer

Land resource mapping, soil conservation and land rehabilitation, arid rangelands land management, developing and presenting extension materials for the pastoral industry.

Location Alice Springs
Region Alice Springs Pastoral District
t. 08 8951 8101

Alison has lived in central Australia all her life.  She loves the environment, the wide, open spaces, and the opportunities you can find in this part of the world. Alison’s professional experience lies in the fields of soil conservation, land resource mapping and managing natural resources in a production landscape. She considers herself very fortunate to have worked with extremely experienced land managers, scientists and practitioners in central Australia and is grateful for their willingness to share their thoughts and knowledge. Alison particularly enjoys sharing that knowledge with others via extension programs.

Alison is currently working part-time, collating the wealth of information that has been discovered and demonstrated on the Old Man Plains Research Station.