Nicole Sallur

FutureBeef Project Manager

Sheep and beef production, extensive grazing management, environmental management systems, extension and evaluation.

Location Charleville
Region Statewide
t. 07 4530 1270
m. 0427 603 241

Nicole grew up in south west Queensland and her parents run a cattle property 60kms south east of Charleville.  She has a Degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Queensland and a Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Systems Management. Nicole has worked for the department for over 20 years on various projects including Total Grazing Pressure, Environmental Management Systems, Sheep CRC educational resources, Merino Breeding and Selection, Making More from Sheep, Leading Sheep and GrazingFutures. She is passionate about new extension methods, and leveraging traditional approaches using new techniques as well as demonstrating and communicating the short and long term impacts of the departments work. She is looking forward to expanding her horizons and working more closely with the FutureBeef team.