Stuart Buck

Senior Pasture Agronomist

Sown pastures
Legume establishment
Pasture dieback

Location Rockhampton
Region Central Queensland
t. 07 4843 2605
m. 0427 929 187

Stuart is a pasture agronomist specialising in sown pasture development and extension. Stuart has over 20 years of agronomic experience in both dryland grain crops and sown pastures, and coordinates a range of sown pasture RD&E activities in the Fitzroy basin region of central Queensland.  Stuart’s expertise is in improving the productivity of sown pastures mainly through the inclusion of legumes, especially Leucaena. Stuart is also leading and coordinating pasture dieback activities undertaken by DAF. He is the main contact point for graziers, delivers information at grazier forums, is coordinating scientific research activities, and has compiled a review into pasture dieback.