Brand new stylo guide

Stylos in Queensland: An identification and suitability guide for graziers and advisers

Stylos are a highly variable group of legumes of the genus Stylosanthes. Known for their nitrogen fixing abilities and high nutrient quality, they are highly valued in grazed pastures across northern Australia. To maximise the benefit from stylos, it’s important to understand the differences between the species and how to identify them in the field.

This guide will help you to identify stylo species and determine which are best suited to different properties and management systems. The guide provides information on the benefits of growing stylos and how to distinguish between species used commercially in Queensland.

The 24-page booklet includes photos and identification descriptions for six stylo species.

The booklet is available to download: Stylos in Queensland Identification Guide (PDF, 6 MB).

There are also limited printed booklets available from selected Department of Agriculture and Fisheries offices.