Sustainable farming guide for Burdekin grazing lands

Graziers in the Burdekin region will be able to improve animal production, profitability and water quality all at the one time thanks to a new land management guide published online this week.

According to Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh the production of the new guide was a result of excellent collaboration between industry and the government and had potential for wide application.

Mr McVeigh said the guide would also help develop best management practice (BMP) modules for grazing land management, soil health and property management planning.

The BMP program is being led by the Grazing BMP partnership – AgForce, Fitzroy Basin Association, and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAF), and Mr McVeigh said the efforts of industry groups in providing input into the guide were vital.

“Feedback from interest groups about the report, particularly its technical content, has ensured its practical application in guiding on-ground change,” Mr McVeigh said.

“The guide is derived from a comprehensive scientific review and gives graziers access to the best information currently available to improve both business and environmental performance.”

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell said the Newman Government would continue to support projects such as this, which aim to work with farmers and graziers to deliver better outcomes instead of onerous regulation.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, through its Reef Water Quality program, engaged respected grazing research scientist Dr John McIvor to compile the guide based on the best available information on grazing management options.

Dr McIvor applied specific focus on management practices and systems capable of improving productivity and profitability, while minimising environmental risk.

“We understand that all the management practices in the world can sound great on paper, but will not be sustainable in the long term if they don’t also provide a benefit back to the grazier,” Mr Powell said.

“This is an important step towards improving the productivity and profitability of the beef production sector within Queensland and, through improved land management and water quality, contribute to the long-term health of the iconic Great Barrier Reef.”

Download the full publication: ‘Sustainable management of the Burdekin grazing lands’ (PDF 1.73 MB).