The secrets of fertile cows

The Southern Queensland beef team were on the road in September with Mick Sullivan (Department and Agriculture and Fisheries) delivering beef breeder management workshops in the Burnett Mary region. Workshops were run at Gayndah, Teebar and Miriam Vale with around 20 participants at each event.

The secret to fertile cows is nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

And the secret to nutrition is pastures, pastures pastures (including legumes)!

And the secrets to pastures is appropriate stock numbers and wet season spelling some paddocks each year!

It is not good to keep secrets, so the workshops reminded landholders of the importance of matching stock numbers and cattle breeding cycles with tropical rainfall and pasture growth patterns, identifying and selling poor performing breeders, strategies for getting heifers up to weight and keeping breeders in good condition, and the use of bull fertility tests and genetics (EBV’s) for selecting herd improvers. Simple tips like only using bulls from fertile cows which have had a calf every year were also shared throughout these events.

The team from South East Queensland have requested Mick and team to do it all over again in November.

Upcoming Breeder management workshops include:

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