You are invited to Ametdale grazing demonstration field day

Graziers are invited to join the Northern Grazing Demonstration Team from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and graziers Ian and Penny MacGibbon for a field day at Ametdale, featuring a paddock demonstration of stocking rates.

Graziers will be able to find out how to adjust stocking rates proactively as seasons vary. This demonstration trial has been running for two years and is based on results from the 23 year long Wambiana Grazing Trial, at Charters Towers. The field day will also demonstrate results from wet season spelling.

When:  Tuesday 10 November

Time:   08.30am–4.00pm

Where: Ametdale Station, Bruce Highway, St Lawrence, Qld 4707

“Long term stocking rates can be adjusted very successfully, adding enormous value to grass pastures and the productivity of herds,” said DAF Rangelands Scientist Paul Jones.

“The trial results show that it’s a question of monitoring the amount of forage, keeping a close eye on rain forecasts and adjusting stocking rates accordingly. It’s not a simple formula, but it is one that can easily be adopted once graziers are more comfortable with regularly assessing and adjusting their stocking rates.

“One of the best things about coming to a field day is that graziers can see the results for themselves, plus ask any questions they may have.  It also gives DAF scientists and the Northern Grazing Demonstration Team a chance to understand any practical implications graziers may have adopting new production methods.”

“There will also be a session about how this relates to breeder performance presented by Dr Geoffry Fordyce and and an update on the pasture dieback projects”.

To attend the field day, please register at Ametdale Field Day or email