Future Farmers Network annual survey

The Future Farmers Network (FFN) have released their annual survey to understand what the gaps and concerns are for young agriculture students and professionals around Australia. The survey will take approximately five…
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Agriculture safety research

Did you know that in Queensland around 13 agriculture workers die each year as a result of a workplace incident and 1700 are injured – affecting one in every 25 agriculture workers.…
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Andrea and Robert join the team!

Welcome to a couple of new faces to our FutureBeef family! Andrea Wiles, Beef and Sheep Extension Officer, Charleville Andrea grew up in Gladstone, Central Queensland, before attending the University of Queensland to…
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Principles for using vaccines

Vaccinations are cheap insurance against stock losses. Pestivirus, tick fever, botulism, vibrio and other clostridial diseases (in descending order) are in the top 15 livestock diseases of economic importance in Australia. It…
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Future Drone Innovation Challenge

Drones will soon be engaged in wide and varied activities including boosting crop yields, assisting in the management of stock, checking water assets and paddock health, assisting in future Hollywood blockbusters and…
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