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NRM in the rangelands conference — Longreach

Longreach Longreach

**Date claimer!** The biennial Australian Rangeland Society conference will be held in Longreach, 5-8 October 2021. For more information about the NRM in the Rangelands Conference, visit:

Ag Advisor Breakfast – Roma

Roma Explorers Inn 44778 Warrego Highway, Roma

Are you making the most of technology for you, and your clients? For our next Ag Advisor breakfast, we're bringing you one of the best innovators in the game, Dr John James…
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Lead with certainty — Alice Springs

Alice Springs Alice Springs

Develop key leadership skills including effective communication and efficient planning which improves certainty, self-esteem, confidence and performance within individuals and teams. How: Leadership coach and consultant Tammy Kruckow will facilitate and coach…
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