It’s here! The FutureBeef podcast!

The FutureBeef podcast explores issues and management strategies relevant to the north Australian beef industry through lively and informative conversation. FutureBeef is a collaboration between Meat & Livestock Australia and the agricultural departments of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Episode 1: A phosphorus affair!

The beef team at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) have come up with a range of strategies and calculators to make your phosphorus supplementation decisions easier, both in the paddock and on the budget.

In fact, in this episode Mick “The Mixmaster” Sullivan, Principal Beef Extension Officer, DAF Rockhampton and Beef Extension Officer, Kylie Hopkins, admit their deep passion for everything phosphorus related.

For more information on any of the concepts they mention, including how to diagnose phosphorus deficiency, feed rate calculators and mixes click here.

Or for more information on planning and managing a supplementary feeding program click here.

Episode 2: Inconceivable! How conception drives production

Graziers produce cattle as part of their business, but research shows we are losing money in the paddock because a lack of awareness around conception rates.

What should we be looking for and why? In this episode we’re talking to Roxanne Morgan – a beef extension officer with Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, based in Mackay about her personal journey of discovery around the breeding prowess of her herd and how it completely changed the direction of her career.

Dave Smith is a Charters Towers based Extension Officer who takes us for a little trip down memory lane with the Cash Cow project and why now, more than ever, the results from that study are so relevant.

For more specific information on the Northern Australian beef fertility project or, Cash Cow as we know it click click here.

Episode 3: Making your pasture make you money

Pasture specialists in northern Australia have spent decades researching cost effective ways to improve soil quality, cattle production values and businesses’ bottom lines.

After a few good seasons and an even more buoyant cattle market, there’s an exciting new uptake of pasture and legume varieties.

In this episode we hear from four esteemed gentlemen with extensive knowledge in pastures, agronomy and northern Australian beef production systems in Craig Lemin, Research Officer, Sown Pastures Animal Science and Kendrick Cox, a pasture researcher with a background in seed crop agronomy. The agronomy experts are complimented by Bernie English, a Senior Beef Extension Officer and Joe Rolfe, Principal Beef Extension Officer who discuss the liveweight production benefits of improved nutrition.

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