Improving profitability and drought resilience in the Central West Mitchell Grasslands

Front cover of the Central West Mitchell Grasslands livestock production systems - Preparing for, responding to, and recovering from drought Helping grazing businesses become more profitable and drought resilient is the aim of a Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries project funded by the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program. Economic analyses are being conducted for a number of regions across Queensland. A range of management strategies and technologies aimed at making grazing businesses more profitable and drought resilient are being assessed. In addition, the project is examining options in the drought response and recovery phases. A report summarising results for the Central West Mitchell Grasslands is now available for download.

For Central West Mitchell Grassland region, an integrated pasture and beef herd modelling approach was developed to allow the impact of climate variability on a range of grazing management scenarios to be modelled. Tactical strategies that may be applied in response to drought were also assessed in this report.

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