Opportunity knocks with Nutrition EDGE, Clermont

There are still a few seats available at the three-day Nutrition EDGE workshop being hosted by Désirée Jackson Livestock Management and Byrony Daniels (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) at Clermont, 22-24 October.

“We are currently in the driest part of the year, plus, many people didn’t have the best rainfall at the start to begin with,” said workshop co-deliverer, Byrony Daniels. “To top that off, the forecast for rain in the next couple of months is not favourable. The most proactive step graziers in the Clermont region could take next would be to attend this Nutrition EDGE workshop to ensure they have a good handle on all components of their beef cattle nutritional requirements.”

“This workshop will not only optimize your expenditure on lick, but will also make you money through better tailored supplements. It’s not all about supplements though, there is a lot about understanding ruminant digestion and tropical grass pastures. Also, the Nutrition EDGE workshop has been through a major review and there is new information, so it’s a great time for anyone who has done the workshop previously to do a refresher”, said Byrony.

A $250 subsidy from MLA for all producers who attend the Clermont Nutrition EDGE under the Profitable Grazing Systems (PGS) coaching program.

Attendees who are from the Fitzroy Basin region may be eligible for up to 50% reimbursement of the registration fee courtesy of the Fitzroy Basin Association.

“Hands down this is the best workshop out there for getting your head around cattle nutrition. Nutrition drives growth rates and reproduction and is a key profitability driver for any beef business. This is an opportunity not to be missed,” Byrony said.

To register for the Clermont Nutrition EDGE, click here.