Revised pasture management booklets

Pasture management bookletsGraziers in the southern coastal and south east regions of Queensland have two newly updated resources to assist with future pasture management decisions.

Pasture management for the Burnett catchment, and Pasture management for South East Queensland catchments, aim to help land managers better understand the development and management of pastures suited to each region.

“We are excited to have completed this work,” says primary content coordinator and Beef Extension Officer, Greg Bath. “The original publications were printed in 2013 by fellow Extension Officer, Damien O’Sullivan. However, since then through science, our understanding of the landscape and what can be achieved, has greatly advanced. These booklets are sharing the insights discovered with those who can implement them and improve their businesses.”

Interdisciplinary effort

The Sown Pastures team provided several updates to the recommended sown pasture species. “Selecting the right species for the land type you wish to develop is crucial to ensuring the best financial return on investment,” said Pasture Agronomist, Louise Walker. “For these two publications, we not only removed some species but were also able to provide examples of other suitable productive and palatable legumes, including joint vetch, creeping vigna and Caatinga stylo.”

Healthy Land and Water’s Principal Scientist, Bruce Lord, was tasked with revising and expanding the land type descriptions. “Since the original publication, we have improved our understanding of the land systems and their distribution in the landscape,” Bruce said. “As such, we’ve updated the Burnett catchment booklet to include 12 additional land types. By doing so, we’ve improved the accuracy and made the publication relevant to a greater area.”

Original author, Damien O’Sullivan said: “The new information will assist the improvement of productivity, sustainability and resilience of local graziers. The revision and production of the booklets has certainly been a team effort. They will now be a key resource we provide for free at upcoming workshops across these regions.”

The Pasture Management for South East Queensland Catchments booklet has been thoroughly reviewed and updated through Natural Resources Investment Program.

Accessing the new resources

Pasture management for the Burnett catchment (PDF, 1.6 MB) and Pasture management for South East Queensland (PDF, 1.4 MB) catchments are available to download for free. However, if you would prefer a hard copy posted to be posted to you, send an email to with your postal information.