The $avannaPlan project sought to engage more of the Northern Gulf beef industry in the $avannaPlan program to help beef producers run profitable and sustainable enterprises.


$avannaPlan was developed as a beef business management package for graziers in the Northern Gulf to build the prosperity and sustainability of the beef industry and help improve the ecosystem health of grazing land in tropical savannas. It was designed as a flexible, on-property program, structured around normal property management timetables. The property visits were targeted to individual needs and included the whole family and management team.

The $avannaPlan project aimed to:

  • deliver a structured learning process, suitable for both new and experienced producers/managers
  • provide on-property visits which include: assistance with herd and business objectives and management, property mapping, land condition assessment, stocking rates and grazing management, property improvement options, marketing performance, record keeping, supplementation strategies and weaner management
  • enable producers to increase profits by maximising breeding performance and liveweight for age; better manage stocking rates and feed supplies; better prepare for droughts and create productive, profitable and sustainable beef businesses
  • provide links to further training.

$avannaPlan was delivered by the Far North-North West DAF team in partnership with the Northern Gulf  Natural Resource Management group.

When: 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013

Contact: Joe Rolfe

Collaborators: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Northern Gulf Resource Management Group

More information

For more details about this project, please read the final report (PDF, 2 MB).