Beef industry on-station workforce salary package calculator

The Beef industry on-station workforce salary package calculator has been developed to complement the Beef industry on-station workforce quality handbook. The calculator has been created in Excel® format and enables users to calculate the approximate value of the salary for each on-station role within the beef production sector.

The aim of this simple tool is to help beef producers estimate the total value of remuneration for individual on-station roles. The calculator provides employers with a guide to the true value of remuneration once all allowances and benefits (such as accommodation, food, travel and clothing) are taken into account. This information can be used to enhance recruitment and retention. The estimated salary packages can be promoted to potential candidates, existing staff and the market generally to positively re-position the value of working on-station in the beef sector.

Note: This is a generic and basic estimation tool and should only be used as a guide. It does not accurately account for individual tax circumstances.

You can download the free salary package calculator (XLXS, 32KB).