The FutureBeef team is developing a suite of eExtension tools, to complement traditional extension methods, providing a cost-effective, convenient and efficient way to communicate and collaborate with people in geographically diverse locations.

eExtension technologies are most effective when integrated with traditional extension methods and are a useful way to spread the word about research breakthroughs and increase the uptake of new techniques and management practices.

The eExtension tools that are available through FutureBeef include:

  • A dedicated Website to deliver up-to-date, relevant, timely and accessible information to the northern Australia beef industry.
  • eSurveys are a quick way to determine producers’ extension needs and target activities appropriately. They make it easy to create, distribute and analyse surveys on-line.
  • Webinars and web conferencing are great methods of communicating with geographically diverse groups. Participants can attend virtual meetings, deliver or view on-line presentations, participate and ask questions without the inconvenience, expense and time commitment of travelling.
  • YouTube videos and Slidecasts, which enable viewers to see and hear your presentation online at a time and place that suits them.
  • Wikis are a safe, secure on-line space or website where group members can communicate and collaborate with each other. They are easy to use and potential applications include participants working simultaneously on projects or delivering presentations to one another.
  • Blogs or on-line journals enable group members to stay connected and up to date. Blogs are easy to use, interactive, and portable. Blog postings keep followers informed about new developments and breakthroughs.
  • eBooks provide ready access to information when needed. You can download useful information (e.g. workshop notes) as an eBook to store on a mobile phone or other portable computer device.

Useful link: To learn about the Delivery of FutureBeef website and webinars project, please read the final report summary and download the final report (E.INV.1412) (PDF, 2.3 MB) from the Meat & Livestock Australia website.

When: 1 July 2013 to ongoing

Where: Queensland state-wide

Contact: John James E:

Collaborator: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

RD&E objective: Human capital

Industry priorities: Human capacity and enabling change; Information technology and Precision Livestock Management