FutureBeef is an ally for the north Australian beef industry, sharing the latest practical tools, scientific insights, and relevant, timely advice. This helps producers, pastoralists, graziers, livestock owners and landholders to make the most of good and bad times.

FutureBeef is a collaborative project for the northern Australia beef industry with partners:

The aim of the FutureBeef project is to support sustainable and profitable productivity gains for northern beef producers by building on and complementing:

  • investment and outcomes of past and future RD&E conducted by FutureBeef partners and industry
  • the sharing and collaborative development of information, knowledge and resources to more effectively and efficiently service industry
  • delivery of National Beef Production RD&E Strategy outcomes and the Meat Industry Strategic Plan, MISP 2020 (PDF, 4.85MB).

The FutureBeef project has been supported through a number of funding cycles.

Final report April 2014-June 2017

This final report summarises activities and achievements of the E.INV.1412 Delivery of FutureBeef website and webinars project from 30 April 2014 to 30 June 2017: FutureBeef Final Report (PDF, 2.3 MB)

Final report July 2017-March 2022

This final report summarises the activities and achievements of the L.GFB.1802 Delivery of FutureBeef industry engagement project from 1 July 2017 to 4 March 2022: FutureBeef Final Report (PDF, 3.1 MB)


April 2016: Futurebeef webinar report

April 2016: Futurebeef website and intranet report

April 2016: Futurebeef eBulletin report

June 2021: A review of user satisfaction with FutureBeef communication tools and impact on practice change

Producer case studies supporting FutureBeef

On-site trials helped Sue and Herb decide which pain relief strategy to use.


Jim, Jenny and Rebecca worked through how to undertake early weaning using FutureBeef resources and guidance from local experts.


The need for efficiency drove David to improve individual animal record keeping.