High-energy dryland silages for north-west Queensland

In this recording, Tim McGrath (Senior Agribusiness Development Officer, DAF Cairns) takes us on a virtual field day of a commercial demonstration site in north-west Queensland.

The main aim of the trial was to grow crops that were suitable for making high-energy silage for a beef finishing ration under dryland conditions in the north-west. In this trial, grain sorghum grown in dryland conditions is proving to be an excellent alternative crop to the commonly grown forage sorghums, producing a higher energy silage similar to the level of maize.

During the presentation, Tim discusses the following topics:

• crop selection
• timing of harvesting and silage options
• silage making and storage options.

You can watch the full recording below – 6:58; published 1 June 2020 by FutureBeefAu.

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