Minimising soil erosion for better grass cover

Dan and Emma Jane Burnham, graziers at Stonehaven near Thangool in Queensland, have been busy managing and minimising soil erosion on their property.

Watch and see how they have gone about it…

For more information about preventing and managing soil erosion on your country, visit the Queensland Government website.

You can download a copy of Saving soil: a landholder’s guide to preventing and repairing soil erosion from the Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales.

You can also complete the Grazing Best Management Practices Soil Health Module.

If your property is located in Queensland, you can find the contact details of your nearest FutureBeef officer over on the FutureBeef contacts page. Otherwise you can contact the DAF Customer Call Centre on 13 25 23 (within Queensland) or 07 3404 6999.