Natural disaster assistance and services

Help after natural disasters is usually divided into two types:

  1. Immediate relief (first response): search and rescue, shelter, food rations etc.
  2. Recovery assistance (which may be individual, or community based): grants, low interest loans, food or fodder drops, tax breaks or concessions, or other physical, financial, or mental support services.

Australian Government assistance

State Government assistance

Northern Territory

Local assistance

Local councils, organisations or clubs may also be able to provide information and/or support.

Counselling services

If you are suffering hardship or stress, even if you don’t require financial assistance, there are a variety of counselling services that can offer suggestions based on your circumstances.

Local community groups may also be able to offer support.

Protecting your most important asset – You!

‘Protecting your greatest asset – You!’ is a short talk designed to assist people affected by drought, although it is applicable to anyone who is ‘doing it tough’. The talk offers some self-help strategies to take care of yourself and others. It also gives some guidelines on when to seek additional help, and where to go for that help. 20:03 minutes published 29 July 2014 by FutureBeefAu.