North-west Queensland pasture response and recovery after flooding – recorded webinar.

In this presentation, David Phelps (Principal Scientist – Grazing Lands with DAF) discusses how the pasture is responding after the flooding and what is likely for the longer term.

During the discussion, David outlines and provides details on:

  • Flood outcomes – observation, expectations, rough guides and useful tools,
  • Pasture response and how long it will take for some pastures to recover,
  • Pasture and grazing land management,
  • What is the pasture situation (end of January 2019), and
  • Much more.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.  36:59 published 28 February 2019 by FutureBeefAu.

Download a copy of the presentation – NW Qld pasture response and recovery after flooding (PDF; 5 MB)

Further assistance:

  • For any questions about QRIDA grants and loans relating to this flood event please call 1800 623 946.  Or you can find further information here at Disaster Recovery on the QRIDA website.
  • For any other questions relating to this flood event please call the DAF Call Centre on 13 25 23, and they will put you in touch with the best person to answer your enquiry.

Full recording



  1. Introduction.
  2. The land area addressed.
  3. The most pressing priorities (with floods).
  4. Items not covered in this presentation.
  5. The key pasture questions (to be asked).
  6. A rough guide to enough pasture in the paddock.
  7. How long will it take for pastures to recover?
  8. Check what’s growing?
  9. Long-term impact of the flood waters.
  10. Pasture management summary.
  11. Key take-home messages.
  12. Flood outcomes – observations, expectations, rough guides and useful tools.
  13. Assumptions undertaken.
  14. Pasture response is dependent on…
  15. Pasture situation (end of January 2019)
  16. The monsoonal trough – NASA imagery (23/1/19 to 9/2/19).
  17. Rainfall totals.
  18. Soil moisture levels.
  19. Mitchell grass is responding.
  20. Bull Mitchell floodplains are responding.
  21. Floodplains and bluegrass-browntop.
  22. Ash country has been slow.
  23. Spinifex is responding.
  24. Buffel is responding.
  25. Flood impacted pastures – what can be anticipated.
  26. Flooding duration – what can pasture tussocks withstand?
  27. Rebuilding a resilient business.
  28. Useful tools (NASA site).
  29. To sum it all up…
  30. The Diamantina – what can be expected?
  31. Conclusion.