Northern Breeding Business (NB2)

Northern Breeding Business (NB2) is a strategic partnership and a joint initiative of MLA and North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC). NB2 aims to improve the long-term viability and sustainability of the northern Australian beef industry by:

  • reducing calf wastage in breeding herds
  • improving the financial viability
  • increasing adoption of proven management practices and technologies.

NB2 promises to provide multiple benefits to northern producers and the wider beef industry, including improved weaning rates, decreased calf mortality, education, training and mentoring, and improved public perceptions around animal health and welfare.

The NB2 program is supported by four pillars:

      1. Pathway to Practice pillar will actively engage northern beef enterprises in the use of objective data to inform management decisions and provide a direct conduit from research and development outcomes to changes in business practice. It will support northern beef businesses to:
          a) Collect and analyse standardised beef business records to establish baselines for sustainable production, performance and financial outcomes.
        1. b) Promote and support awareness, development and adoption of business practice innovation.
        1. c) Set the direction for, and engage in, on-property research, development, extension and adoption.
      1. The Herd pillar will focus on enhancing breeding herd performance and efficiency through improved management systems and interventions.
      2. The Feed-base pillar will have a focus on optimising feed production, supply and utilization for the breeding herd in order to achieve the desired performance, in a cost effective manner.
      3.  The Environment pillar will explore issues related to the managing of the rangelands and the environment, and the long-term sustainability of the northern beef industry.

How it works

Each participating producer in NB2 will work on their own property/business management plan, with the benefit of using fellow group members to exchange ideas. Supported by an experienced facilitator and using objective data, groups work together over two years to better understand and explore production, environmental and financial opportunities for their businesses. NB2 groups can tap into a wide network of industry experts and programs to expand their knowledge and skills.

Find out more about NB2

Want to know more about the achievements of NB2 participants? Visit MLA’s NB2 online hub.

More information

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