Reef & Beef Extension

The project Reef & Beef Extension, delivered extension programs on wet and dry grazing lands in the Terrain catchment area of far-north Queensland.

The main objective was to help producers improve riparian and whole of property management practices to minimise sediment and nutrient runoff, and improve water quality at end of catchment.

The $avannaPlan Beef Business Management extension package is the primary tool used to work with producers in a one-on-one environment. $avannaPlan is a structured process suitable for both new and experienced producers in both the wet and dry grazing areas. It covers all aspects of the beef business, including:

  • Land management and stocking rates
  • Maintaining break of season ground cover
  • Fertiliser programs to minimise leaching
  • Introduction and management of legumes in pastures
  • Herd management
  • Marketing options
  • Business management
  • Record keeping
  • Supplementation strategies
  • Weaner management.

Activities included:

  • Delivering $avannaPlan grazing land management programs on wet and dry grazing lands in the Terrain catchment area;
  • Assisting with the Reef Rescue devolved grant program; and,
  • Assisting Terrain with developing Best Management Practices (BMP) for Beef producers in the Terrain management area.

The current project aimed to:

  • Engage thirty dry and wet grazing properties in the Upper Herbert and Middle Barron and complete $avannaPlan on all properties;
  • Continue to provide advice and support to previous $avannaPlan participants and ensure changes in management practices are implemented;
  • Develop effective incentive grant projects on properties in the Upper Herbert and Middle Barron;
  • Set up photo monitoring points in project areas and monitor on an on-going basis; and,
  • Assist Terrain with the development of BMP for the Reef Wide Grazing Group.

When: 31 December 2008 to 30 June 2013

Where: Far North Queensland

Contact: Bernie English E:

Collaborators: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Terrain Natural Resource Management (Wet Tropics)

Reef Rescue was part of the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program and projects conducted in partnership with regional natural resource management groups in the catchments bordering the Great Barrier Reef.