REEFsponsible and viable beef production

The project REEFsponsible and viable beef production aimed to assist enterprises in high erosion risk areas of the Upper Herbert catchment to address ground cover and sediment loss issues and improve grazing and business performance.
Through this project the northern FutureBeef team aimed to identify extensive beef businesses within the Upper Herbert River catchment with a high risk of runoff and soil loss. The team worked closely with these enterprises to improve grazing and business performance. On-property infrastructure projects that enable improved grazing practices that directly impact on water quality was identified, and devolved grant funding made available. In the past devolved grants were allocated to producers based on applications and field inspections without fully taking into account the overall sediment sources across the whole catchment. This project included a more strategic approach to identify high erosion risk areas in the Upper Herbert grazing lands and target devolved grant funds to address ground cover and sediment loss issues.

Beef industry forums, success stories, newsletter articles and electronic exposure featured viable and REEFsponsible grazing, herd and business management practices.

Remote sensing tools that accurately identify break of season ground cover were evaluated, particularly with the high canopy cover that features in the Upper Herbert dry grazing areas.

A Producer Peer Assessment Group (PPAG) assisted DAF staff to audit infrastructure projects, on-going grazing land management changes and break of season ground cover thresholds. The involvement of industry peers via the PPAG aimed to encourage producer participation in the project as well as enhance broader industry adoption of best practice business, herd and land management practices.

To learn more, please download and read the final report (PDF, 184 KB)

When: 1 November 2013 to 30 June 2016

Where: Upper Herbert River catchment, Queensland

Contact: Bernie English E:

Collaborators: Terrain NRM and Far North Queensland NRM