Impacts of rehabilitating degraded lands on soil health, pastures, runoff, erosion, nutrient and sediment movement. Part II: Literature review of rehabilitation methods to improve water quality flowing from grazing lands onto the Great Barrier Reef

Project RRRD.024 Final Report for the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country Reef Rescue Water Quality Research and Development Program.

This project investigated the potential to mechanically rehabilitate degraded, bare, D-condition grazing lands to improved condition in the Burdekin and Fitzroy River catchments of north-east Queensland. With successful rehabilitation there will be increased pasture health and productivity which will reduce water, sediment and nutrient runoff, with the aim of improving the quality of water flowing into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon from grazing land.

Authors: Richard G. Silcock and Trevor J. Hall, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, 2014.