Transporting cattle safely

We all know that the welfare of the animals within our care is our responsibility. But when transporting cattle, who is responsible, when?

In this video, beef producer, Melinda Leeds, steps through how she prepares cattle for transport to ensure animals arrive fit and healthy at their destination. Then, long time livestock transport business owner, Peter Grey, shares his perspectives.

“It’s a chain of responsibility,” says Melinda, “it starts with the producer, on property.”



“The welfare of cattle is the number one thing. It’s not whether it’s feasible, welfare is the priority. As an industry we have a responsibility to ensure the best welfare for the animals that are in our care. The animals have to be fit to load so they arrive fit and healthy at their destination.” ― Peter Grey, Beef producer and livestock transport relocation specialist

More information

Fit to load guide: Is the animal fit to load? (PDF, 4.2 MB) 

Australian animal welfare standards and guidelines