Upcoming Webinar: Pathways towards carbon neutral grazing systems

Carbon neutral grazier networkCarbon sequestration is on every land manager’s mind.

How does it work?
How is it measured?
What are the threats and opportunities to my business?

The ‘Carbon Neutral Grazier Network’ provides the latest tips and information for positioning your business to take advantage of the rapidly evolving world of environmental markets and certification schemes.

The Network is proud to have Professor Richard Eckard set the scene for members by providing an overview of his current research this Thursday, 25 November at 3pm (AEST), via webinar.
Topics discussed will include:

  • carbon farming and accounting towards carbon neutral agriculture
  • managing extreme climate events
  • options for agriculture to respond to a changing climate.

Richard is Professor and Director of the Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre, University of Melbourne, a research centre addressing the impacts of a changing climate on agriculture. He is also a science advisor to the Australian, New Zealand, UK and EU governments, the International Livestock Research Institute and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on climate change adaptation, mitigation and policy development in agriculture. Richard was recently named on the Reuters list of the world’s 1,000 most influential climate scientists. Join Richard in our inaugural webinar to expand your knowledge and awareness of emissions from livestock systems, carbon farming and progress toward methane abatement options.

If you would like to take part in this webinar, become a member of Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ Carbon Neutral Grazier Network: https://mailchi.mp/daf/carbon-neutral-grazier-network

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