You can get the all latest information, tools and skills in animal nutrition, sustainable grazing, reproduction and genetics, animal behaviour and health, and business management at FutureBeef workshops. Read more about some of the workshops below.

Also check our events calendar for scheduled workshops and field days in your region.

Animal nutrition workshops

  • Nutrition EDGE

Breeding and genetics workshops

  • Artificial insemination
  • Breeding EDGE
  • Bull selection
  • BREEDPLAN: beef cattle recording and selection
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

Business management workshops

  • Better decisions in the beef business (Breedcow Dynama)
  • Business EDGE
  • Testing management options
  • Northern Livestock Transporters¬†Course
  • Managing your livestock business through drought

Sustainable grazing workshops

  • Stocktake: balancing supply and demand
  • Rangeland management
  • Grazing fundamentals EDGE
  • Grazing land management EDGE

Custom-made workshop development and delivery

Custom-made workshops, field- or information-days can also be developed and delivered to meet specific industry issues, for example:

  • Buffel rundown
  • Climate, carbon and your property
  • Weed identification and management.

For more information please contact FutureBeef.