Sustainable grazing

Grazing land management EDGE

The Grazing land management (GLM) EDGE workshop will give you a practical and planned approach to improve the productivity and sustainability of your country. Held over three days, the GLM EDGE workshop will give you information and tools specific to the land types, climate and production systems in your region, such as:

  • long-term stocking rate calculations
  • forage budgeting
  • land condition assessment
  • sown pastures
  • fire
  • weeds.

The informal structure of the workshop encourages discussion and debate as well as opportunities to share land-management experiences.


  • First person from a business $1,600 (plus GST)
  • Each person when two attend from the same business $1,350 (plus GST)
  • Each person when three attend from the same business $1,100 (plus GST).

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Stocktake: balancing supply and demand

This one-day practical training workshop steps you through the concepts of land condition and monitoring. It demonstrates field assessment techniques using a database. Stocktake is a monitoring package that ´takes stock´ of your grazing resources and identifies points to improve management decisions. At the end of the day you will be able to:

  • conduct paddock-scale assessment of land condition and pasture yields
  • manage and interpret data for business planning
  • quantify the potential for improvement in productivity
  • complete forage budgets – determine how long feed is going to last with the present number of cattle in the paddock

Cost $300 plus GST (the second person from the same business is free)

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Rangeland management

This is a one-day workshop for anyone working on a pastoral station in Western Australia. It covers:

  • Pasture dynamics: Understanding the importance of native pastures for maintenance of land condition and production of cattle.
  • Animal nutrition: The roles of native pasture and supplements in improving animal performance.
  • Weed management: Understanding and applying the six principles of weed management.
  • Managing with fire: The role of prescribed fire in pastoral land management.

Rangeland management courses are run on stations, to suit station schedules and are free of charge. For more information contact Matthew Fletcher, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, phone 08 9166 4019.